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Free RSS Feed Submission is a free site which multiplies your RSS feed submissions in order to promote your blog or web page. It is easy to use, powerful, and delivers results. Best of all, it's free.

You use the site without any obligation. We only ask that you put a link on your site to our site. Just copy the code from here, and paste it on your site, either on the main page, or on a page which is directly linked to the main page. That is all we ask.

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What does Free RSS Feed Submission do?

To begin with, what does an RSS feed do? An RSS feed is a notification, or a general broadcast that a website has been updated. The RSS feed is sent to a channel, and the channel stream is picked up by an RSS Aggregator. The RSS aggregator filters the stream for the feeds it is subscribed to. When an internet user checks his aggregator, he reads a list of new articles on the websites he has subscribed to. He (or she) does not need to check out the website in order to find out if there has been an update. If he has an RSS reader, he can read the article on the reader without going to the webpage.

For the webpage subscriber, it simplifies notification and reading. For the webpage admin, switching the RSS feed on simplifies sending the RSS feed. From an SEO viewpoint, the RSS feed also notifies web search engines that there's a new page and they have to crawl the site to update the search index.

Now here is where we are:

Most CMS and blogging platforms have automatic RSS feeds, however, these usually send through only one channel. There are advantages to sending your RSS feed to multiple channels. First off, it notifies subscribers faster. Second, and more importantly, from an SEO viewpoint, each RSS feed is a back link to your site. When you send your RSS feed to the different RSS directories, each directory will have a pointer or a backlink pointing back to your site.

There are hundreds of RSS directories, and it is almost impossible to list down every RSS Directory. What we do instead is send your RSS feed to the Top 25 RSS directories.

With our site, we give you free RSS feed submissions, and a lot of free internet live and active back links